2018 Dayton Art Institute Fellowship Exhibition

May 7 through August 20, 2018

Out Team at DAI

We team taught high school fellowship recipients and had group exhibitions. 

Meet Our Students

These students had exceptional art portfolios.

Mentorship Program

We created the curriculum and team-taught students fine art theory and technique.

Exhibition Preparation

The students created an artist statement and body of work. 

They were a fantastic group.

As they blossomed artistically, they also began to express themselves in their art. 

We Prepared for Exhibition As Well

As we helped the students, we crafted our own artist statements body of work for exhibition.

Presentation Ceremony

The students were awarded at a recognition ceremony.

Art Galleries

The top and right photos were taken at the Dayton Art Institute where I taught art and exhibited through the summer through their Fellowship.

The photo to the left was taken at Wright State University where I was a featured artist at their Art Gala.